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There are so many things in life we take for granted: our job, wife, country, and sadly, indoor plumbing. Did you ever show these things the gratitude they deserve? It’s ok if you haven’t, not every person has a fined tuned sensibility. People take things for granted all the time. But hopefully, with the help of this blog, people will never take indoor plumbing for granted again.

When in Rome

Like all good things in the world, plumbing began in ancient Rome. In fact, pluma is a roman word for iron used in a chest plate. But more importantly they built one of the most advanced plumbing systems in the history of civilization. Their cities were tied together by aqueducts, which brought water to municipalities from the surrounding rivers, lakes, and mountains. They also constructed underground plumbing systems to export sewage out of the city, and into the lakes and rivers. Eventually, the civilization collapsed and human beings returned back to the dark ages of outhouses and chamber pots.

The Bubonic Plague

If you don’t appreciate your plumber, you certainly will after this fun fact. The bubonic plague, which was caused by a lack of plumbing, killed off a third of the entire human population. So when your plumber comes to visit, it wouldn’t hurt to greet them with a warm smile, or even a hug, to show your appreciation.

The Age of Enlightenment

This is a time when John Locke revealed that all the knowledge we come to results from sense perception and reflection, a time when the French overthrew the bourgeoisie and Napoleon took up arms as the leader of a free people, this is also the time when plumbing finally returned to the civilized world. Indeed, we’ve come a long way, and we should never take indoor plumbing or our plumbers for granted.

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