7 Warning Signs of Bad Electrical Wiring (Part Three) - Parker & Sons

Who knew there were so many warning signs associated with bad wiring? It is a good thing really. If we didn’t have these warning signs, we would have to deal with home fires and major electrical issues with startling frequency. Luckily, by being in touch with these warning signs, we can identify potential problems before they have a chance to turn into major issues. Keep your eyes out for the last two warning signs on our list.

  1. Buzzing and Humming

Okay, so you won’t always be keeping your eyes out, you will have to be listening closely as well. A faint buzzing or electrical humming could be a sign that at outlet or breaker is going bad. Faulty outlet or light switch should be replaced immediately. Often, this buzzing or humming sound means there is a loose connection or frayed wired behind the outlet. If it were not for your sharp ear, you may not have been able to identify this problem until the outlet started showing signs of discoloration or charring. In such cases, you could be minutes away from a home fire. Good listening!

  1. Shocking Outlets and Switches

It shouldn’t be shocking that if your outlets and switches are shocking you there may be a problem. Sure, occasionally you may receive a short, sharp shock because of static electricity, but if this happens more than once or twice on the same outlet, it may be shorting out. Unplug all the devices and replace the outlet. This is a good time to examine the wiring. If It appears damaged, you should contact a professional electrician.

As always, when it comes to electrical problems, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you are having problems, contact a professional to schedule an inspection and explore your options.

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