7 Warning Signs of Bad Electrical Wiring (Part One) - Parker & Sons

Homeowners have an amazing ability to ignore the warning signs of problems in their home. Why? Because there is just a lot to deal with when you own a home, and honestly, the warning signs never seem to end. If you worried about every minor problem, you would stay worried forever. Which is why you need to know which warning signs are serious and which can be handled a month down the line. Electrical issues are always going to be more immediate. These are the types of problems that could lead to someone getting electrocuted. They could even start a home fire! If you see any of these 7 warning signs of bad electrical wiring, you should call up a professional electrician IMMEDIATELY. Our emergency team will be standing by.

  1. Lights Flickering or Dimming

Of all the energy hogs in your home, lights are actually some of the more minor. Compared to a washing machine, a dish washer, a refrigerator, or even a home computer, lights draw a negligible amount of power. If they start flickering or dimming, that could be a sign of an issue. It could be caused by major appliances drawing too much energy, or it could be an issue with your system itself. You can try switching the lights to a different outlet, or you can call a professional electrician who can carefully advise you.

  1. What’s that Smell?

Your nose can be an important ally when it comes to identifying bad wiring. Who knew?! If you plug in a new appliance and start smelling smoke, unplug it IMMEDIATELY. Other odd odors could be an issue too. Any funny or curious odor associated with plugging in a new appliance should be carefully investigated by an electrician. Your nose may be warning you of something, but you’ll need help finding out exactly what.

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