6 Ways to Beat the Heat and Stay Cool This Summer (Part Two) - Parker & Sons

A few more sun baked days have passed by, but summer has become no more bearable than it was earlier this week. In our last post, we began discussing specific Valley locations you can visit to beat the heat this summer. It is important to note; we are not just here to help you flee from the unbearable force of the summer sun, we are doing more than providing simple shade, we are giving you ways to beat the heat and stay cool while having the time of your life. In our previous blog, we sent you off to the Phoenix Art Museum and the Arizona Museum of Natural history for some culture, coolness, and cretaceous period chill. Let’s discover two more places you can visit during this, the most sweltering of seasons.

Musical Instrument Museum

This time, we are visiting a slightly different type of museum, one you can enjoy without even looking at exhibits. While yes, the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) is packed wall-to-wall with some fantastically interesting exhibits full instruments from all over the world, one of the best ways to enjoy MIM is by dropping by for a concert. Visit MIM’s concert calendar page to see what is coming up. From rock shows, to classical concertos, to soulful jazz performances, there is something for every music taste.

Check In… Almost Anywhere

What is the worst thing about going on vacation? The traveling, right? Traveling almost always causes headaches, stress, and familial discord. This year, beat the heat and turn VAcation into a FUNcation by going on a STAYcation. There is no need to book plane flights while inundating yourself with the stress of travel. Instead, book a weekend at one of Arizona’s legendary resorts. You can enjoy a cool, comfortable weekend all without breaking the bank or spending endless hours cooped up on an airplane. Sounds pretty great to us!

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