6 Ways to Beat the Heat and Stay Cool This Summer (Part Three) - Parker & Sons

We have returned with the third and final installment in our series of blogs detailing 6 fantastic ways to beat the heat and stay cool this summer. So far, we have visited the Phoenix Art Museum, the Arizona Museum of Natural History, the Musical Instrument Museum, and one of Phoenix’s legendary resorts. It sure has been a fun summer, hasn’t it? And that is the little secret about summers here in Phoenix, they are almost always fun! Phoenicians always find a way. We have to when it is 120-degrees out. Without further ado, let’s round out the summer with two final fun and super cool locations.


Less than 150 miles north of Phoenix, nestled at 6,910 feet of elevation on the southwestern edge of the massive Colorado Plateau, surrounded by picturesque ponderosa pine trees, sits Flagstaff, the former capital of Arizona. Thanks to its high elevation and low humidity, Flagstaff enjoys cool weather almost all year long. While Phoenicians sweat and broil in the cauldron of fire that is the Valley of the Sun, residents of Flagstaff enjoy pleasant breezes and mild temperatures. For at least a day, why not join them this summer? With a short two-hour drive, you too can enjoy the incredible Flagstaff weather.

Orpheum Theater

Well, you had an entire day to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine up in Flagstaff, now it is time to head back indoors for culture, theater style. The Orpheum is widely considered to be one of the most architecturally beautiful buildings in Phoenix. Built in 1929, this 1,364 guest venue has played host to comedians, musicians, dancers, and performers of all kinds. Every evening at the Orpheum is different, so be sure to check out their schedule to pick out a day that is best for you.

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