5 Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill | Parker & Sons Phoenix HVAC Contractor

No matter what time of year it is, finding ways to reduce your energy bill is absolutely essential in avoiding unreasonably high bills every month. While one method of reducing the energy you use might not result in huge savings, a myriad of different methods will begin to add up to consistent savings.

Install a Solar Water Heater

Having a water heater installed is important for every home, but by installing solar water heaters instead of ones that run solely on electricity, you should be able to cut the water heating portion of your energy bill by around 50 percent or more depending on what type of climate you live in. The sunnier the climate, the higher your savings should be. This is also a great way to cut down on general pollution.

Maintain Your Appliances

The best way to ensure that your energy bill always stays consistent and at normal levels is by properly maintaining your appliances, something that Parker & Sons can help with. The thing about many appliances in the house is that there are so many different parts in every machine that some are bound to become faulty every now and then. When looking at air conditioner maintenance and heating maintenance, one of the most common issues that plagues these systems are leaks within the machine, which means that these systems will go into overdrive in an attempt to provide the right amount of cooling or heating to your house, which immediately spikes energy bills.

Receive Regular Check-Ups

The best way to ensure you never have a problem with any of your appliances in the first place is to receive regular check ups that will ascertain if your appliances are in the proper working condition. The best times to do this is before the summer and winter seasons, as the stark temperatures can wreak havoc on appliances. This way, you get to avoid having to actually perform maintenance on your appliances after they have already been damaged in some way. While this doesn’t necessarily lower your energy bill in an immediate way, it will have a positive effect on allowing you to avoid a wealth of future expenses.

Install a Thermostat

Installing a thermostat is a surefire way to ensure that you have direct control over the amount of heating and cooling your house uses at all times. As often as possible, it’s recommended that you keep the temperature within your house at normal levels to avoid having to spend too much on your energy bill each month. When you’re away from your house, check the thermostat and turn the heat down during the winter and reduce cooling levels during the summer when away.

Incorporate Home Zoning Into Your House

Incorporating home zoning temperature control into your house can be a huge energy saver. Home zoning is a system that allows the homeowner to control all facets of temperatures throughout their home. If one room isn’t being used during the winter, the heat can be selected specifically for every room but that one. In fact, home zoning is estimated to save an average of 30 percent on energy bills throughout the year.

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