3 Kinds of Smart Faucets - Parker & Sons

Nowadays, there seems to be a “smart” everything that blends functionality with technology, efficiency, and designs. And while you might have something like a smart phone, car, or thermostat, you can even get smart sink faucets!

But what makes a smart faucet different than a regular faucet? The technology, for one. Newer models of smart faucets coming out on the market have features like water usage and efficiency sensors, and even temperature gauges.

Currently, there are three major kinds of smart faucets on the market, which include digital, hands-free, and combo.

You’re probably well aware of the second kind of smart faucet, the hands free version. You’ve been using them in public restrooms for years now. Luckily, these are now available for your own home, and can be helpful if your hands are particularly dirty, or if your hands are full and you need to wash something.

Digital faucets are a bit different, but have the same purpose at the end of the day. Instead of temperature adjusting handles, digital faucets sport a fancy digital screen that lets you know the exact temperature of the water you’re using at the time. You can also preset certain temperatures on the device in order to meet your desired temperature.

Combo smart faucets mix the best of both worlds. Not only are these combo devices a hands free device, but they also come with additional technological features, such as the ones that come with digital faucets. Even though they are the most expensive of the bunch, they have also been known to conserve the most water by monitoring the amount of water usage for that particular device. Some more expensive models can even detect the water usage of your entire home, when installed and set up by a professional.

Here are just a few of the smart faucets you should consider adding to your home!

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