To maintain our high standards, we require an exceptional group of people who have the desire to contribute their talents and abilities and seek out opportunities to advance their expertise to forward the company’s innovation. As an employer, Parker & Sons supports goals, embrace’s new ideas, rewards success, and opens up career paths as far reaching as your talent and motivation will take you.

Here are some of the many benefits that Parker and Sons offers to our employees:

• Health Plan
• Dental Plan
• Vision Service Plan
• Short Term Disability Insurance Long Term Disability Insurance
• Term Life Insurance
• Supplemental Health Benefits
• Paid Holidays
• Paid Time Off Plan (Vacation, Sick Days, Personal Days)
• Tuition Assistance Program
• Technical Training Programs
• Incentive Compensation Programs
• 401(k) Retirement Plan

Our mission is to provide a work environment where the long-term career growth and success of our team members are fostered.

  • Flexibility to work in a network of companies throughout the Parker & Sons community provides team members the ability to advance and grow. We use FIRST:
  • Information and training are provided to all team members, enabling them to perform their jobs, and challenging them to achieve the highest standards.
  • Responsibility is placed upon team members to make Parker & Sons’ service experience superior to the industry benchmark.
  • Success of our team members is recognized and fostered in the corporate culture maintained at Parker & Sons.
  • Talent and diversification are cultivated throughout the organization, allowing the Parker & Sons philosophy to take on a special meaning.

As an employer, Parker & Sons supports goals, embraces ideas, rewards success and opens up career paths as far reaching as your talent and motivation will take you.

Do you have the drive and dedication to help carry out the Parker & Sons mission to “Build long-lasting relationships with our customers and team members”?

If so, we’re waiting to hear from you!

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